About Moonlit Ventures LLC

Moonlit Ventures was founded in 2009 by Marshall Hatfield. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with clients & staff spread around the globe.

Today, Moonlit Ventures focuses on building Core Values based businesses, applying our unique strengths to solve problems, drive change, and capture profits.

We do so in a variety of capacities, including through our portfolio companies, as consultants & advisors, and as direct investors & private lenders.

The goal of Moonlit Ventures has been to build Core Values based businesses, applying our unique strengths to solve problems, drive change, and capture profits.

Entrepreneurs. Innovators. Investors.

These are the people who keep us motivated.

We want to help you connect with all the resources you need to build a successful enterprise that scales. From capital (financial & human), to leads & new business, we're here to bridge the gaps.

Moonlit Ventures is a labor of love. Profit is a byproduct.

We're enthusiastic about the type of Clients we work with, and our goal is to enable your success. We're passionate about what we do. We believe in our mission, revolving steadily around a strong set of shared Core Values which is alive & evolving.

We only work with companies who feel the same. When we do, we go "all in" on your success.

We live to support business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, and their allies. If you're in the process of building exceptional brands with magnetic company cultures attracting the world's top talent, we are here to help.

Our Focus Is On Building Better Businesses

We love startups, entrepreneurs, deal makers, investors, brokers, innovators, inventors, and everyone working to bring new value & better culture into the world.

Creating something from nothing, bringing sustainable value into existence, is difficult. It's often attempted but rarely achieved. We want you to be successful. In so many ways, you're already more successful than us, and we have so much to learn from you. Our hope is that we can offer something of value in return.

Our business model is built atop of the foundation of our #1 Core Value:

"Obsess Over Client Success"

That's what we do. We hire & fire by this simple mantra, and make long-term decisions guided by it at our core.

If you're building a unique, client-focused business, we want you to be successful. We want to make it easier & faster for you to reach that success. We're always building & evolving our offerings, our own startups, our JV partners, and our acquisitions to cater to this primary mantra (among other Core Values).


Some of our wholly owned subsidiaries & joint ventures include: